Installation : Windows

The installation of MySQL on Windows can be done very easy with the wizard.

MySQL : Installation : Setup Wizard

Setup Wizard

Welcome window which shows the MySQL version.

MySQL : Installation : Setup Type

Setup Type

Usually you use the option Typical here. However if you want to install MySQL into a special directory, you should choose Custom.

MySQL : Installation : Begin Installation

Begin Installation

Summary of the options and information about the installation begin.

MySQL : Installation : Enterprise Subscription

Enterprise Subscription

Information about the advantages of the Enterprise version.

MySQL : Installation : Enterprise Monitor Service

Enterprise Monitor Service

Information about the features of the Monitor Service.

MySQL : Installation : Wizard Completed

Wizard Completed

Choose the option configuration of MySQL at the end of the installation. Thus the Configuration Wizard will be startet immediatly after it to do the basic settings.
The option for registration of the product can be deactivated.


Johannes Hammoud Installation : Windows 07.11.2009

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