Configuration : Windows

The default configuration of MySQL on Windows can be done very easy with the wizard. You can call it any time in the start menu with the link MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard once again.

MySQL : Configuration : Wizard

Configuration Wizard

Welcome window which shows the MySQL Version to configure.

MySQL : Configuration : Type

Configuration Type

Choose the option Detailed Configuration here.

MySQL : Configuration : Server Type

Server Type

The server type is selected depending to the use of the machine. These settings limit the ensured memory for MySQL for smooth operation together with other programs.

MySQL : Configuration : Database Usage

Database Usage

The most important engine is InnoDB because it supports transactions so just choose it as the main storage engine like in the image beside.

MySQL : Configuration : InnoDB Tablespace Settings

InnoDB Tablespace Settings

Just use default settings here.

MySQL : Configuration : Concurrent Connections

Concurrent Connections

The first option Decision Support is enough for now. It allows maximal 100 connections and expect an avarage of 20.

MySQL : Configuration : Network Options And SQL Mode

Network Options And SQL Mode

Installation on the developer machine the default port 3306 can remain. You should activate SQL Strict Mode for the use of transaction.

MySQL : Configuration : Default Character Set

Default Character Set

For international applicaiton UTF-8 is needed, so choose Best Support for Multilingualism here.

MySQL : Configuration : Windows Options

Windows Options

The selection shown by the image installs MySQL as service which is executed automatically on windows start. The inclusion into the windows path allows the call of the MySQL client program from every directory.

MySQL : Configuration : Security Options

Security Options

In this window you just set an arbitrary password.

MySQL : Configuration : Execute


Starts the configuration of MySQL.

MySQL : Configuration : Error Number 1045

Error Number 1045

In some case the follow error occur: The security settings could not be applied. Error Number 1045. Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)That means MySQL could not change the password. The configuration has been executed nevertheless!
You do not have to a specify a password when you login to the server.


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