Faces Config

The following example faces config file shows the configuration of the I-Coding site: faces-config.xml

<faces-config ...> <application> <locale-config> <default-locale>en</default-locale> <supported-locale>en</supported-locale> <supported-locale>de</supported-locale> </locale-config> <message-bundle>...resource.message</message-bundle> <view-handler>...controller.ViewHandler</view-handler> <el-resolver>...resolver.EnumResolver</el-resolver> </application> </faces-config>

Locale Config

The tag locale-config defines the provided internationalization of the web application. The I-Coding site supports currently the locale en (english) and de (german).

English is additional defined as default language, but this is not relevant in an SEO web application, because language depends always on locale identifier in the servlet path.

Message Bundle

The tag message-bundle defines the property file which contains all messages of this application. Own business logic messages as well as replacements for the standard JSF messsages.

View Handler

The tag view-handler defines an custom view handler, which acts as main site controller. It is responsible for setting the correct locale, execution of action on GET Request, mapping of SEO URL to the correct page and special rendering of AJAX requests.

EL Resolver

The tag el-resolver defines an custom Enum Resolver, which converts any enum attribute of the model.


[1] JSF 1.2
[2] faces-config.xml

Johannes Hammoud Faces Config 23.09.2008

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