J2SE 5.0


The installation of the J2SE Development Kit on Windows is very easy with the setup assistent. The process consist of two parts, first the JDK and after that the JRE, both should be installed.

The directories jdk1.5.0 and jre1.5.0 will be created in C:\Programs\Java. In the Windows Registry information to the current JDK and JRE will be stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft.


Strangely the installation package contains two Runtime (JRE). There is also a Runtime in the JDK directory. This is confusing and has not been find out why Sun deliver it double.

The JRE, separate part inside the installation process, should be installed nevertheless, because otherwise no entries in the registry will be created. These will be read from other programs, when they are searching for the current Java Runtime.

Johannes Hammoud J2SE 5.0 03.02.2006

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